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Basil Vanilla Ice Cream

Basil Vanilla Ice Cream

Combining fresh basil with vanilla is a surprising and delicious combination.  It is a nice twist and can be garnished with fresh basil leaves. The use of basil was inspired by our experimentations with other herbs such as rosemary, and led to further explorations using fennel seeds and other spices. Yield: about 1 quart Ingredients:...
Good things come in threes:  Ice Cream Trio

Good things come in threes: Ice Cream Trio

None of us had ever made homemade ice cream before this summer. I bought a machine with Segolene on a whim so that we could explore ice cream and sorbet. Joshua scoured the internet and came across lots of different ways and formulations to making a simple ice cream base.  David Lebovitz had some pretty inspiring...