Lately we heard about another socca place in Nice which is supposed to be “the best”, la Socca d’Or. Just a quick reminder: socca is the cheap typical dish from Nice, a galette made of chickpeas and water that you eat usually in the streets with fresh ground salt and pepper. There’s this huge fight going on here to know which place is the best according to the niçois themselves, and we wrote already about two institutions René Socca and Pipo Socca.

Then last week we tried la Socca d’Or, thanks to the advice of my aunt’s friend Anne-Marie. La Socca d’Or is in the same street as Déli Bo, the place i told you about last week, rue Bonaparte, a very  groovy area, with a lot of new restaurants, just between the Vieux Nice and The Port. And even if you heard that already from me, i can say with my heart that socca there is delicious, and probably the most subtle one we tried. So yes, our search has its rewards!

We had also a perfect pissaladière, as the onions were delicately cooked and caramelized, so it didn’t have this acid taste that goes sometimes with it.

The traditional sugary “chard tart” was good if you like dried raisins, but it’s not for me!

Another thing you should know is that their “socca d’or” is actually a pizza, so just ask for a plain socca if you want to try the original specialty, and give our best to the owners Fred and Valérie and their associate chief Jean-Aimé, all three were very friendly and joyful. They are about to enlarge the space in January.

La socca d’or, 45 rue Bonaparte, 06300 Nice, Tel: +33 (0)4 93 56 52 93.  It’s closed on wednesday, and for the opening schedules you’d better check on Facebook as it is changing according to the seasons.