The covered market in Antibes is nestled in the center of the old walled city inside a charming iron structure.  It is a stellar location, and the tiny city centre is remarkably untouched, although surrounded by hideous developments from the modern era.  Segolene and I really enjoyed walking along the ramparts from our car to the market located two streets from the seaside.


I have been wanting to visit this market for ages, ever since seeing it on a list of Ten Best Fresh Markets, and feeling ashamed that I had never visited.

We were not dissapointed!  The market was just the right size, not too large and not too small.  Vendors had the right combination of fresh local produce, specialty sellers and “traiteurs” the french equivalent of a delicatessen style vendor with one theme of prepared foods.






Our favorite was the olive salesman at the entrance to the market on the right side.  He had many varieties of olives, and other pickled vegetables such as garlic and sun-dried tomatoes.


The spice vendor and lavendar stands did not dissapoint, and they did seem much more authentic than you find in many markets.

Of course everything comes at a price, and at the Antibes market prices are as high as the ramparts that protect the city from the sea.  It is certainly one of the most costly of all the markets we have visited, perhaps with the exception of St. Tropez, and the tally of our receipts made us feel like tourists.  Perhaps next visit we can try and barter or negotiate prices a bit, or ask the locals how they keep costs down.



The produce market finishes at 1pm, and is followed by a crafts market (daily at 3pm) where you can find soaps, paintings, wood carvings and the like.  Careful though! Surely these goods too, come at a hefty price.

Marché provencal Antibes

Cours Massena

Everyday from 6am (July through September)

Closed on Mondays (October through June)


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