We have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, at markets to come up with some Riviera twists on classic holiday recipes.  There have been rivalries, injuries and loads of calories consumed in the process.  We are super proud of the results, and hope you will enjoy and try these recipes over the holidays and during the winter months to come!

Our main event, consists of a twist on your holiday glazed ham.  Where I come from, people eat Honey Glazed hams bought from eponymous boutique stores, but here on the Riviera it is not that common for people to roast boiled ham.  Joshua came up with a super twist on Honey Glazed Ham, using Guiness and Molasses, the result was a huge hit and we are psyched to share the recipe here for our



Guiness Molasses Glazed Ham.







When we visited the markets, we found Romanesco, an amazingly beautiful type of broccoli found along the Riviera this time of year.   Joshua came up with a novel, yet simple roast for the veggie, and added some pancetta and capers to give it a little feel of the region.


Roasted Romanesco with Capers and Pancetta




Roasted Chestnut soup was an idea from the chef Christpohe Dufau at Les Bacchanales restaurant in Vence, when he told us it was a typical dish of the season in villages of the hinterland.  Segolene ruined a perfect manicure while baking and peeling the chestnuts.  The result was a surprise in taste and consistency.


Roasted Chestnut Soup 




Our twist on classic American Pecan Pie took some refining before getting the recipe just right.  We used molasses and pine nuts instead of sugar and pecans.  Our frenchies had a hard time getting used to this typically American pie, but some were converted!

Pine Nut Pie






Have a go, get yourselves dirty cooking and hopefully nobody will get hurt!

-Stephen, Segolene and Joshua

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