Joshua, Segolene and I headed out to do our shopping to get inspired for our holiday recipes, and we popped over to Cagnes-sur-Mer.  This market located near Vence was suggested to us by chef Christophe Dufau of Les Bacchanales restaurant.  He had warned us that the market building is currently being rebuilt, and that for the time being it was located in a temporary space…another parking lot!

After a riveting journey down the A8 highway  with Segolene pulling some amazing turns, we arrived safely in Cagnes-sur-mer.    Located about five minutes drive from our other favorite market in a parking lot (St. Laurent du Var), Cagnes-sur-mer is nestled along the coast in a charming little town that has become a victim of its privileged location.

The inside of the market holds all the trappings of a town market, but under a plastic building.  The vendors are super neat and tidy and were among the friendliest we have seen in France.

We were especially inspired by the vendors located outside the market building, many of them sold produce from local producers.

Our main discovery of the day was chayote, a vegetable that is found this time of year across the Italian and French Riviera.  Imported from Mexico by the first explorers, this winter squash flourishes here and provides a green squash through the early winter months.  We were told that it possesses the flavor of a cucumber and zucchini.

Chayotes and Chesnuts

The ubiquitous chayote, originally from Mexico found across the Riviera in November.

We also found an abundance of khaki fruit (persimmons), fresh almonds and local producers of honey and fresh eggs from Vence.  For our holiday recipes we also found some gorgeous Romanesco Broccoli that we are looking forward to working with.  Segolene has been eyeing the chestnuts with a premonitory gaze that could mean trouble….to be continued.


Market, Cagnes-sur-mer

Parking lot “de la Vilette”
All days except Mondays
Local producers presence varies

Honey and bee pollen
Carette Michael Apiculteur
06140 Vence
Tel +33 (0)6 14 91 05 84

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