Over the last six months we have visited a lot of markets on the Riviera in search of local producers and seasonal Farmer’s markets.

Some visits have been more successful than others, when we actually found producers themselves selling their products at the actual markets.  Many markets have special days and areas designated for local producers or farmers.  Find out which markets rated best in our survey, and some that might be better to avoid:


1) Ventimiglia, Italy –  Difficult to beat, the markets in Liguria are heads above anything we have found in the south of France.  The market in Ventimiglia offers the best of Italian produce, and a special alley devoted to local producers where seasonal goods abound.

2) St. Tropez, France – While the market in the famous Place des Lices is overcrowded, full of famous and almost famous faces and sunglasses galore, it is still an excellent balance of local products, amazing breads, sandals and bags.

3) Menton, France – One of the first markets we visited, this jewel of architecture and charm might not have the quantity nor quality of some of the other markets, it has charming vendors and is never crowded.  The setting along the seaside in an historic building invites us to take the time to stop even when on the way to Italian markets.

4) St. Laurent du Var, France – While the parking lot setting is less than charming, this plucky, up and coming 100% organic market delivers no nonsense seasonal local organic goods.  It is compact and effective in its mission, let’s hope more of these serious markets pop up in parking lots across the region.

5) Valbonne, France – While the organic and local farmers are still banished to a small side street, this market has a lot of potential for future growth.  The commitment and quality of the products from local producers make for a great side trip to the lovely town of Valbonne.

6) Ramatuelle, France – This market has a fantastic organic vendor, and a gorgeous backdrop.  One wonders why others don’t come and save the market from the barrage of crappy souvenir vendors that have overtaken the delightful place aux ormes.

7)  Hyeres, France – We drove across the Var to find this one, and it was indeed a shame.  A typical “marché provençal” where mostly junk and souvenirs are sold rather than food.  We have heard that there is another market day just for organic vendors, so we will give the city another chance next time.


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