None of us had ever made homemade ice cream before this summer. I bought a machine with Segolene on a whim so that we could explore ice cream and sorbet. Joshua scoured the internet and came across lots of different ways and formulations to making a simple ice cream base.  David Lebovitz had some pretty inspiring ideas that were hard to top, but that didn’t stop us from trying.

Segolene was less than thrilled, but she soon discovered the virtues of our fruit compotes, which we used on toast in the morning, and for Marcello and Constance’s dessert.  Joshua also found that fruit compotes are amazing bases for ice cream!

When we first arrived in Ramatuelle for the filming, the sour cherry tree in the garden was overflowing with ripe fruit just begging to be picked.  A first thought was to make a compote with rosemary from the garden. Joshua whipped this up, and bam! we go the idea to confect a full on ice cream, and it was delicious!!

Full Recipe for Sour Cherry and Rosemary Ice Cream

Mise en placeJoshua continued with his borderline-obsessive use of herbs, and incorporated basil into an ice cream recipe.  At this adorable little store in Ramatuelle, Aixe Terra, we had tasted a basil sorbet.  While not convinced by the sorbet, we loved the idea of basil in desserts, and this recipe turned out to be a surprisingly light and refreshing take on sumer ice cream.

Recipe for Basil Vanilla Ice Cream

At the end of the summer, the fig tree in the middle of the vineyard was bursting with perfectly, jam-like fruit.  Joshua had some toasted fennel seeds leftover from dinner the night before and thought what a great combo, fennel and fig.  This recipe was a hit with the guests and the perfect end to a perfect summer.

 Recipe for Fig Fennel Ice Cream

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