Sego and I set out in search of an organic market near Monaco, and were directed by our friends at the Agribio to check out the organic market at St. Laurent du Var as one of the best in the region.

We were more than surprised to find that the market takes place in a shopping center parking lot.  :s  This was not the most glamorous of places, but Segolene explained to me that the Cap3000 was the first shopping mall in the region and is a major reference point for people in Nice.

We arrived and found that there were only about four kiosques of vegetable, bread and fruit sellers.  We were immediately drawn to a charming farmer named Jacques Nys who had excellent green vegetables including Zucchini from Nice and Red Squash I intended to use for my daughter’s lunch.

His vegetables were beautiful, so much better than what is found in organic grocery stores here in France. Segolene conducted a quick interview with Mr. Nys, who explains the provenance of many of his vegetables (en français!)

For those who are interested in finding quality organic vegetables, this market is not quaint or charming, but it delivers the goods, especially on Tuesdays where there are up to eight or ten vendors (the double of Friday).

Organic Market, St. Laurent du Var

Parking lot at CAP3000

Tuesday and Friday mornings

Mr and Mrs Jacques NYS
“La Buffe”
10, chemin du pain de Sucre
06800 Cagnes sur mer
Tel 93 20 80 86

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