We made a recent sojourn to what was once the “marché paysan” or farmers market of the city of Hyeres.  Nestled on the far east end of the Riviera, Hyeres is a small city that fuses with Toulon.  Famous for its proximity to the islands of Porquerolles, Le Levant and Port-Cros, the city also was at the origin of the the term “Cote d’azur.”

The farmers market has unfortunately succumbed to the increasingly bazaar like smattering of cheap clothing and imported household goods vendors. Vegetable stands are way too far and few between, and we could not find a single farmer or organic vendor.  We were able to find some merchants who had decent produce from Provence, and even one who had local melons and lemons from Menton!!

If you are in the area the market deserves a visit, but it is nothing special.  We were able to identify two local producers of honey and jams.

Flanked by vendors of cheap jewelry and belts, the Farineaux’s stand selling locally produced honey was a welcome site!  We picked up a jar of rosemary honey to test out and noted the address to order more for next year.

We also found a stand across the road from the main market where M. Charpentier sells his local jams and spreads.

Mr Parmentier

We picked up some fig jam to test out and also noted his address to perhaps pay him a visit later this year.


J.P & B. Farineaux (Honey Producers), “Lou Jas” 1514 Les Molieres 83136 Meounes Les Montrieux tel: 04 94 33 91 44

J.J Parmentier (Honey and Provincial Products), tel. 06 27 56 13 64


Marché paysan in Hyères, France
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in the Place de la Republique and Avenue Gambetta

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