For the recipes we will be making this summer, we wanted to get our tasting garden and vegetable patch cleaned up and replanted so that we can start getting a wider variety of vegetables for the rest of the season.  It is easy to let herb gardens go a bit wild, and sometimes hard to decide when to remove old plants and plant new ones.  We always tend to think the plant can be saved and revived, when sometimes it just needs to be pulled out and replaced.

We have been eating the zucchini and eggplant for the past month, but besides four varieties of tomatoes that was all we really had.  After a quick trip to the nursery, we started weeding out the boxes and planting some new experiments in the garden.

We bought romaine and battavia salads, red cabbage, celery root and beets to see what works the best in the soil here on the plane of Ramatuelle.

For the tasting garden we added sage, parsely and mint.  I even bought a stevia plant just for fun.

Check out the attached before and during pictures of the cleanup, and watch as we cultivate and harvest the fruits of our labor 😉

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