Some of the main inspirations for starting this project were the markets of the Italian Riviera.  In particular, the covered market of Ventimiglia is one of the best in Liguria.   Sego and I visited the market today in order to get inspired and start to finalize the recipes we will be cooking next week with Joshua.



As you can see squash blossoms were everywhere.  Trompette courgettes is a long, twisted shaped variety of zucchini that is in full blossom right now.


Trompette by Riviera Kitchen

Trumpet squash and blossoms at farmer stand Ventimiglia market

The tomatoes are starting to look and taste like real tomatoes, replacing the ubiquitous, colorful and tasteless ones we suffer throughout winter.


Tomatoes by Riviera Kitchen

Ventimiglia market tomatoes

Our beloved lemons are nearing the end of their season, but still looking gorgeous, especially those sold in the side part of the market where local and regional farmers have their stands. Fava beans are also at the end of the season, with very few, dark stalks remaining. Basil, carrots and green beans are out in full force, ready to be incorporated into salads and sauces all summer long.

No visit to the market would be complete without cheese.  I bought some fresh burrata mozzarella from local cheesemaker, and then asiago and provolone from the cheese stand.  

I think we will come back on Friday morning, to see if the greens are looking more tempting, but for now off to the kitchen to cook up the courgettes!

Covered market of Ventimiglia, Italy
Open every day until 1 pm, opening again at 3pm
Some Fridays and Saturdays have additional farmers selling their products
Via della Republica, 8039 Ventimiglia Imperia, Italy

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