Stephen in RamatuelleStephen was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in the Midwest (Illinois) in the middle of corn and soybeans.  He worked in new media for over fifteen years, half of that at the UN’s cultural body in Paris, before leaving his adopted city to move to the French Riviera and raise a family.

Passionate about all areas where food and culture collide,  he became instantly enamored by Ligurian markets, and decided to set out to search for common elements along the French and Italian Riviera that could constitute a Riviera cuisine akin to Northern Californian trends.


Segolene on the Orient Express to Machu PichuBorn in Nantes, France (of Corsican-Puertorican descent), Ségolène grew up on the French Riviera.

After over fifteen years in television, she had many misadventures exploring the sumptuous markets  of the region before deciding to fuse her media background with her passion for culinary exploration.

Part of a tiny minority of French people who do not like cheese nor wine, she is nevertheless passionate about food and the finest ingredients, she is the French touch of the project.


Joshua, also a native midwesterner, now shares his time between San Francisco and Paris writing cookbooks (Pesto: Simples et Bons, a natural re-interpretation of the Genovese staple) and leading culinary parties.

A certified natural chef, he is dedicated to using locally produced, healthy ingredients without sacrificing flavor or character.



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