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Winter cocktail:  Persimmon Gin Smash

Winter cocktail: Persimmon Gin Smash

We had loads of persimmons hanging around after our holiday feasts, and Joshua and Chyi were VERY very thirsty.  After traipsing around Monaco looking for Elderflower we decided to make do with our leftover fruits and try to invent a new cocktail to rival the watermelon basil ones we confected over the summer. The result...
Watermelon Basil Gin Fizz

Watermelon Basil Gin Fizz

Everybody back to work?  Need a drink? We know that we do.  After an amazing summer we are all back to the grind. Since summer is not officially over, we wanted to share one of our favorites of the season. We did loads of experiments with fruits, simple sugars, and struggled to find decent rum...