We don’t usually announce the openings of restaurants without trying them, however I have heard so many good things about this restaurant I was hoping that maybe on of our readers could try and beat us to the punch and give us a review.

The much anticipated Rivea opened in the Byblos Hotel in Saint-Tropez last month and it promises to be one of the most sought after tables in the city this coming season.

Announced as being cuisine true to Saint-Tropez and the “Riviera spirit” by chef Alain Ducasse, we have high hopes for this well merited replacement for the dated “Spoon” restaurant that it replaces.

The recent opening of the Hotel de Paris, and its multiple bars and Suffren Restaurant by George Blanc, seems likely to give the Byblos a run for the money.


Rivea at Byblos Hotel

27 avenue Foch

83990 Saint-Tropez



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