img_6190This is the magic of Monaco, here all standards and norms are turned upside down. In Paris, when you want to buy a bar of the exquisite old fashioned French chocolate bar “Maison Bonnat”, you go to “La Grande Epicerie de Paris“, one of the most selective, expensive, and sophisticated food markets on the planet (it is also attached to the famous “chiquissime” department store “Le Bon Marché”).

In Monaco, when you want to buy the same chocolate bar, you go to the “marché U”, the chain-store you actually go to buy your floor detergent in Paris!!! Then just along those Bonnat “grands crus”, Monaco Marché U carries also the precious Kusmi teas that you can buy at “La Grande Epicerie de Paris”. So on naturally must ask the question: Where in the world do people buy their floor detergent in Monaco? May be they just don’t…




Le Marché U, 30 boulevard Pricesse Charlotte, 98000 Monaco.