Now it’s time to eat fresh young raw févettes aka baby fava beans, like a little monkey. It’s spring, it’s the season, in all the good home kitchens around Nice people are having it for appetizer, or “apéritif” as we like to say here. You can buy févettes at any market around, cours Saleya, Menton, Valbonne, Cannes, Antibes, and so on, they are all over the place.

img_6224Just open the long green pod, then peel completely with your fingers to reveal the peas, a very important step as the skin does not taste good. Then you’ll find this perfect tender little green pea, and just munch on them raw! img_6234It’s sugary, fresh and full of vitamins B, C and magnesium. You can also use it in some Riviera dishes like tomato and olive salads or warm with little purple artichokes or onions and bacon.