It’s THAT time of the year, when we have to eat a lot of sugar and oil because we are pros and we are dedicated to the local production. Yeah, it’s Carnival time on the Riviera, and you have to taste the season doughnuts called “bugnes” or “ganses” or “oreillettes” or “chiaccere” in italian.

Whatever the name and the shape are, we are talking fried lust, we are talking sugar, loads of sugar, and we are talking “i feel bad cause i had too much but i can’t resist…” No special addresses to get some, it’s all other the place. Some are industrial, and you gonna feel like you just had lubricating oil and i feel very sorry for you, others are handmade in the best patisseries and boulangeries, and you just gonna feel (and look) guilty and fat afterward. Enjoy!!!