img_5344Looking for a family restaurant that is cheap, good and warm for your Saturday nights? Here is “La Bionda” (meaning literally “the blond girl” in Italian), just at the entrance of the charming San Remo, on the side of the road, when you are coming from France. Have you ever heard of a good margarita pizza for 4, 50 euros or a quattro fromaggio for 6,00 euros or a 1,00 euro bruschetta?

Here comes your peroxide girl! The place is famous for its big piece of delicious beef, and little veal brochettes.

Everything is good, while not the most sophisticated place we’ve ever been, but really honest, made with love, simple and tasty. If you go on saturday night, better to make a resa and arrive early as it is really crowded and there is not so much parking spaces. After 8:30 pm, people are queuing inside the restaurant to have a table.

Not romantic at all, but the perfect place to go with kids, as the food is easy, nothing precious to stain or break and nobody will care about the noise and the running between the tables!

La Bionda, specialita carne alla brace, Str. Solaro Rapelin, 160- Sanremo. Tel: 0184 66 24 85

Closed on tuesdays