As usual, in our David Vincent from”The invaders” routine, we were looking that day for something we never found (at least for the moment). And as those who regularly follow us might expect, well, we kind of get lost on our search of this very special “agriturism” restaurant on the hills above the village of Dolce Acqua in Italy. No need to say that the indications we had collected before going were quiet thin: no name, no phone number, no exact address, well, we knew it was somewhere around, up.img_3108

Dolce Acqua is a charming village from the Middle Age, just near by Vintimiglia, along the Nervia Stream, at the border between France and Italy, that was for sure! Just 45 minutes from Monaco, so we left at noon, get lost in the mountains, drove 2 hours, nobody around to give us directions, everything was closed, and at the end of the road an empty parking and some barking dogs in front of what should have been the place we were looking for (or not), but anyway…

Kind of hungry and frustrated, we went down the really charming village, all restaurants were closed of course at that time, and then decided to stop at the not so locally  named “Bar California”. Well, that was the best decision we took on that day.img_3093

The place was very “coquette”, with his giant wood bar, the ancestors shots all over the walls, and his welcoming lady owner who told us everything about it. In 5 minutes we found ourselves sited in front of a delicious Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil, an iced coke, and the family photos album between our grateful hands.



The great grand mother had left Dolce Acqua for California when she was young, did well in America, then came back home to open this huge bar. Where else can you find such a friendly and delicious unexpected stop??? So we highly recommend the place to you, and the funny thing is that i had just discovered, we’re not the only ones, just check Le Stuff blog!

Cool things to visit if you pass by Dolce Acqua in Liguria: the Doria Castle from the XII century, the San Antonio Abate baroque church or San Sebastiano oratorio with his very precious fig tree wood statue from Anton Mario Margliano. Not to mention “La Rampa” pizzeria, closed when we went, but kind of famous on both sides of the border.

Bar California di Morscio Mariella, Via Roma 14, Dolceacqua (Imperia), Tel 0184 206 175

Tavernetta La Rampa, Via Barberis Colomba, 18035 Dolceacqua (Imperia), Tel 0184 206 198