img_3113Even while on holidays in the mountains of Tyrol, i’m hearing about the Maya Bay restaurant in Monaco from Italian tourists! And we have to say, there is for sure something about the place. A curious mix that attracts diners like magnets.


First, the place is beautiful, two restaurants in one location, one thaï, one japanese, both in constant evolution. If we tell you for example that last winter the thaï section’s terrace had been revamped to resemble a ski lodge, or that there is a shop corner in the entrance that sells plastic sushi iPhone covers, you might be a bit hesitant, but don’t, because the place has a magical charm and is very elegant.


Second, the food is really amazing, and if “à la carte” it’s a bit expensive, there are also affordable menus for 18 euros at lunch that are worth the trip! The japanese chef is…well, japanese, and could compete with the best chefs in New York or Tokyo or Hong Kong! He makes all kinds of maki rolls with crazy names (such as the highlander, spider, and Rossini roll…) that you don’t find in the average Japanese restaurant in France.  In addition you have perfect sushi, teppanyaki, black pepper cod (my favorite), “Saint Pierre fish” tempuras (photo below), Kobe beef, and amazing desserts that resemble works of art. One week ago, i had a green tea cup cake that was (almost!) above and beyond any dessert i have ever had.

Japanese bites:





Then, thaï delices:





Third, this place makes you look beautiful. There is something special in the food that makes people glow and they come back again and again!

Four, the people who works here are really nice and welcoming, and last but not least, the Maya Bay is based on the ground floor of the Roccabella, a truly legendary building in Monaco, built by the famous Italian architect Gio Ponti.


Restaurant MAYA BAY
Le Roccabella, 24, Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco.
Tél. +377 977 074 67   Fax  +377 977 758 10
Ouvert du mardi au samedi
de 12h00 à  14h00
de 20h00 à  23h00.

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