There’s a war going on for ages between the true ancient people from Nice. The Socca War. What is the best place to have the typical, tasty, crunchy then plush chickpea galette?

For some it’s in the “Vieux Nice”, at René Socca, a place we told you about a while ago.

But for some others, there’s is no doubt that the socca wonderland is Pipo Socca, in Bavastro street, on the less touristic then more authentic area of the Port. Among the fans you can even count Alain Ducasse!A picture of the entry to a restaurant in the old quarter of Nice, Chez Pippo!

The place is there since 1923, so yes, we bet they had plenty of  time to improve their recipe.

Pipo’s family had headed the restaurant till the eighties, after that the secret making of their socca has been transmitted from one owner to the other.

The place is cute, warm, and full of people speaking loudly with great appetite. The socca oven is just in the middle, so you can watch the all process that will end into your plate, then your stomach. Steve, the young owner, use to be a waiter there, while being a student. Then he bought the place 4 years ago, and that’s a big success. His friend Bruno is the oven master. He told us everything you need to know about socca in the making:

In the end here is what we can tell you: the place is amazing, the hosts charming and the socca is definitely delicious, very different, more delicate and subtle than at the other places in Nice. So are the fresh tomato herbs pizza and the pissaladieres. So if you go one place, go Pipo without hesitation!!!

Chez Pipo, 13 rue Bavastro, 06300 Nice, 04 93 55 88 82,

Lunch: Tuesday to saturday from 11:30 am.

Dinner: Everyday except mondays from 5:30 pm.