After obtaining the incredible lemon meringue pie recipe from local producer Madame Tosan we tried it out on ten guests last Friday night.

The recipe was a little tricky, and instead of making lemon curd, the Mentonnais method creates more of a lemon flan.  The result is surprisingly delicious, and a nice change to traditional recipes.


The lemons we used from the Tosan orchard were absolutely delicious and made all the difference.  As a substitute for Menton Lemons, we suggest searching for Meyer lemons, or other local non-treated lemons.



Tarte au citron mentonnais de Mme Tosan 

**Pie Crust (Pâte sablée)**


250 g flour

100 g softened butter

100 g sugar

2 egg yolks

a few ounces of water

a pinch of salt


Mix the egg yolks sugar and salt until it becomes white, then add water.  Mix in the flour all at once, then softened butter working rapidly.  Work into a ball of dough, and cover with plastic wrap.  Refrigerate for one hour.

**Lemon Curd (Creme Citron)**


150 ml lemon juice (2 lemons)

Lemon zest from 2 lemons

10g corn starch

100g sugar

80g butter

2 eggs + 1 egg yolk


-Zest two lemons

-Bring juice, zest and sugar to a boil, then cover and let sit for 5 minutes

-Strain though a fine mesh strainer

-In a médium size bowl mix thé corn starch and a bit of water, plus the 2 eggs and one yolk, whisking briskly.

-Pour the mixture into a sacuepan and add the chilled filtered lemon juice

-Place on medium heat and whisk briskly until it thickens (about 5 minutes or until a bit gelatinous)

-Add thé butter, mix well and chill



3 egg whites

1 pinch of salt

80g powdered sugar


-Mix the egg whites in a mixer or with hand mixer with salt until firm and form small peaks


-Spread ball of dough in between two sheets of waxed paper, into a diameter of around 25 cm

-Pinch the edges up along pie pan, and poke holes in the crust with a fork

-Cook the crust alone for around 25 minutes on high heat (180-200F)

-Remove crust from oven and let cool.

-Fill the pie crust with lemon curd and cover with the mixed egg whites.

-Add just a bit of liquid caramel, and broil in note oven for 2 minutes

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