Given the amount of meals we are cooking for the guests we have coming through this summer, we have decided to supplement the harvest from our vegetable garden with local produce.  To find a farmer near Ramatuelle, we turned to the AMAP (Association pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne) .  Inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement in the US, the AMAP farms organize subscription based distribution of organic and ethically farmed vegetables to families each week.  When you buy into a CSA or AMAP, you are buying a share of that farm’s production — not only the harvest, but also the costs of production

Vegetable Stand

Our local AMAP in Cogolin is supplied by local farmer Yann Ménard.  After working in the wine business, and traveling around the world in a hot air balloon, Yann decided to apply for a grant to farm on some of the most coveted acres in the St Tropez area.  When we visited him last month, he took us on a tour of the farm, which has supplied us with our first organic basket yesterday!!  We will be returning every Friday to help out the assembly of the vegetable baskets for members, and of course pick up the week’s harvest.

Have a look at our photos of the Cogolin AMAP and check out their website (or the CSA website if you are in the USA) to locate fresh, organic vegetables near your neck of the woods.

AMAP – Associations pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne:

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):

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