Our big content production week is rapidly approaching!!  From June 8-20th we will be shooting market visits, interviews and recipes for the website on location in Menton, Ventimiglia, Ramatuelle, Toulon and St. Tropez.  The team is all ready, and we are wrapping up the last preparations so that Sego, Joshua and I have the neccesary tools to work the Riviera magic.

Sego and I headed out yesterday to find missing kitchen items we will need for the shoot.  The location was north of Nice in the city of La Trinité, and as usual we had total mishaps with the GPS and ended up in one of the worst neighborhoods in Nice before finding the store.  Last week the GPS deftly guided us to a large hole in the ground near an abandoned garbage dump. This time we made it in a reasonable forty minutes to Ecotel, a professional catering supplies store.  We hit the jackpot, the store was like Ali Baba’s cave of cooking and serving utensils, it had everything we needed including human size giant ladles in case anyone needs one:

Stephen and Segolene in the kitchen supplies shop

So our kitchen in Fondugue (Ramatuelle, France) is almost ready now!  The only items we still need to find are saucepans and an ice cream or sorbet machine.  For some reason or another Segolene is obsessed with finding the perfect garlic press, so keep you eyes peeled in our videos for a gloriously designed press.

Ecotel, 23 bd Fuon Santa, 06340 La Trinité (France)

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