Segolene and I finally got our butts to Nice so she could show me authentic Socca, a signature dish made of milled chick peas and water, cooked like a pizza in a wood burning oven. All the guide books I had read direct you to the port to feast on Socca, but Sego assured me that this is only to be savoured in the old city. I was not disappointed.

Segolene had been touting the virtues of “le vieux Nice” or historic center of Nice, for quite some time.  As mentioned before, never say to Sego that she is from Nice, even though she grew up there she fiercely defends her exotic roots.

In any case, I was blown away by the old village of Nice.  The winding streets, giant baroque churches, small shops and food food food!  We finally arrived (after two phone calls to Sego’s aunt) down the winding streets to one of the best Socca restaurants in the city.  

Attached are some images of Socca, and many of the other specialities we tasted today.  We are looking forward to exploring recipes for these items in future cooking workshops.

Check out the video of Segolene showing us how Socca is made:

Socca from RivieraKitchen on Vimeo.

Address/  Chez René Socca, 2 Rue Miralheti, 06300 Nice, France

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